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when ur left alone in an unfamiliar room


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I know everyone is really sad right now so have a video of my three legged dog trying to catch water

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*sunlight hits your laptop screen*


every piece of dust in the world

it’s here

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My own private witness protection. I skipped out of heaven, had a face transplant, carved out my own little corner of the world.

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ca: tws + text posts pt 2 (pt 1)

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want to get out of having to do your homework? try chopping both your arms off. in class the next day when the teacher asks you why you didn’t do your homework simply say “i don’t have any fucking arms”

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when u take a cookie without askin mama


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Excuse me while I tear bend.

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"I’m not a feminist but I believe men and women are equal"

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that’s what a feminist is???????

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the world already caters to you and values you. you can handle one website discussing things without you.