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Fair warning to anyone following both of us…

ohhaiguise and I are apparently drifting right now.  XD

I wish this was even a joke we literally said the exact same thing at the exact same time. It wasn’t a short thing, either. Like wow. Several sentences. In concert. 

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Let's have some fun!





chuckismycopilot and I were talking today and she mentioned Round Robin fics. We got to talking about it, and the more she explained the cooler I thought it sounded. For those of you who don’t know, it”s basically where you send a fic around to a bunch of people and have…

I want to do this, but I’m afraid my writing isn’t good enough…not with all these writing gods and goddesses participating! (I’m scared, I’m a terrible writer)

You should totally do it!!!  It’s a lot of fun seeing what a ‘group mind’ can come up with, and trust me when I say that none of us are going to judge you for anything.  :)

Uh uh uh okay okay! How do I sign up? I’ll totally contribute something.

Hey werely

As a part of the rules (which I haven’t sent out yet or anything but meh xD) we won’t be doing anything NC-17 unless everyone okays it. So if you’re not comfortable with that, we don’t have to do it. (since you mentioned that in your message)

I just need an email so that, when we start passing the fic around, I can tell someone to send it to you. : D (it can be a completely bogus email made specifically for this, that’s fine, just something you can access) I promise, though, that all contact to the entire group will be done through BCC (blind carbon copy, meaning no one can see who else is on the list) and the only person who will be given your email is the person in the order who comes before you so that they can email you their work. If you want to send me an email (repooc450 at yahoo dot com, which is my personal email please don’t sell it lol) with the subject “round robin” it’ll get diverted into the proper folder. Or you can just tell me what it is in another fanmail. Up to you. :D

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Max wasn’t the first bulldog the Hansen family owned; the breed had been Angela’s favorite, for years.  So when she got pregnant, she begged Herc to get her a puppy, so their son could grow up with a best friend, like she had. 

Herc wasn’t too sure about a bulldog, seemed too wrinkly and useless, but he couldn’t deny how adorable it was, watching his boy roll around on the floor with an equally floppy puppy, giggling like it was the best thing in the world.

Max was the second bulldog Herc bought for his son, but not at Angela’s request.  Nor did Max ever meet the first - whose name Chuck won’t say, won’t let Herc even think in the drift.  Because their first was at home, an old boy at that point, probably dozing in his favorite spot in the garden, when Scissure attacked.

Herc likes to think - in the privacy of his own head, in a place he never lets Chuck see - that Angie was there with him, that he was there with her, that at least she had that comfort, when the mushroom cloud blossomed over the northern suburbs.  That he was in her lap, wriggling and panting and licking away her tears, just like he always did when one of his family was upset.

He was such a good dog.

And Herc can pretend that, because Angie was on her way home to get him, when Herc talked to her last.  Told Herc to go get their boy, it’s okay, I’ll see you at the evac point in Canberra, I can’t leave him behind, I love you Herc, I…

He doesn’t blame Chuck for hating him for it. 


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why do height differences in shipping always have to be about one being really tiny and the other being really tall. what about one being exactly a single inch taller than the other and the second being consistently angry about this.

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Rob Kazinsky about himself (x)

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I just showed my boyfriend the picture of the Gage twins on the pacific rim wiki. 

His first response?

"Oh yes, they need to do the do."

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Chuck on Striker Eureka

実寸とサイズが違い過ぎるのはお気になさらず… :p

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In regards to my earlier Round Robin post

(found here)

So I’ve done some testing with some friends really fast and it seems that tumblr blocks even the modified versions of emails. 

So, given that, if you’d like to participate in this little round robin fic idea (or have already tried to message me), go ahead and email me at repooc450 at yahoo dot com with your pairing(s) of choice, the genre you’d like to do, and any tropes you’d like to see/not see. Make sure to put “Round Robin” in the subject line so that it gets filtered to the proper folder. I promise to not share anyone’s contact information—as I said in the other post, all mass emails will be via BCC, and the only people who will get your email will be the one before you in the chain (so they can email you) and the one after you (because you’ll be emailing them). 

Alternatively, send me a fanmail if you follow me, since that DOES work, with your email and the above information. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to send me an ask.

Sorry for the hassle. (There are three people who’ve managed to reach me so far! :D I’m really hopeful about this, guys!)

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Let’s have some fun!

chuckismycopilot and I were talking today and she mentioned Round Robin fics. We got to talking about it, and the more she explained the cooler I thought it sounded. For those of you who don’t know, it”s basically where you send a fic around to a bunch of people and have them each write a part and then send it on to the next person in the list; this continues until someone has written a satisfying ending. 

So I said “why the hell not” and decided I wanted one.

If you’re interested, go ahead and send me an ask with your email spread out (youremail279 @ domain . com) nope that’s not working just email or fanmail me with the pairing(s)/genre/tropes you’d like to see (if you fanmail be sure to include your email) (also it’d be helpful if you could incclude your AO3 if you have one). I’ll look at everything you guys send me and figure out what we’re doing based on that and then email everyone (BCC in case not everyone is comfortable with lots of people having their email) so that anyone who wants to drop can, and then I’ll draw names from a hat to determine the order (which I’ll email to everyone individually).

Alternatively, you can email me directly if you want to participate at repooc450 at yahoo dot com.

Feel free to message me or email if you have questions, too. :D

Anyone interested?

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Continuation of my angsty shifter!puppy!Raleigh and Koala!Chuck from here….  I needed a happy ending!

When Chuck finally switches back he hunts Raleigh down and finds him in his room staring at himself in a mirror and poking at a not so small scratch on his nose. Chuck knows Raleigh is embarrassed, they’ve talked about this before. Raleigh knows in his puppy form that he gets himself into dangerous situations, that’s why he’s not allowed on the Shatterdome floor when he switches. Koala!Chuck might be able to ride along Herc’s shoulders but that’s because he isn’t going to go and cause trouble like puppy!Raleigh did that one time he ran out into a traffic lane and caused a small transport to swerve so hard it dumped it’s cargo. By the end of the all night clean up, puppy!Raleigh was banned from the floor.

Adorable and perfect and WOW I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE THANK YOU.